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The Boy from Oz..EFI !!!!!

Lethal does it again…..

Well guys, we at Beat the Heat (WA) Inc have often quoted the phrase that we would rather be lucky than good!!!

T2 FF 20130308

That was never more prevalent for us than it was at the Fast Racing Series #4 event on March 27. Our miracle man, Lethal Lee, was keen to get his butt back into the GTO after his win at the Night of Fire meeting last weekend, with the view of making a charge at the Oz EFI top spot, to which he was currently sitting in 3rd.

We started the night by trialling a set of fresh 24” slicks on Tango 2, to see if we could get the car into a 1.4 second 60 foot range. Good air means good horsepower and we were quietly confident of giving it a scare. With Lethal Lee getting the stall up towards the 3000rpm mark, the car “rolled” out of the start box with a heap of wheel spin, waking up the limiter, in both 1st and 2nd gear, and continued to spin all the way up to around the 300 foot mark. We can safely say that we won’t be repeating that again any time soon.

With eliminations starting late, we got down to the business of racing.

With the car performing consistently in the high 11.1’s to low 11.2 second mark, we progressed through to round 3, where we lined up against seasoned campaigner Gavin Donnelly in his “50 Shades” Commodore. Unfortunately for Gav, there was only one shade and it was all red!!!! That’s lucky number one.

Next was the semi-final and Sondra DOBBS in her “R” for racing falcon. Now for those than have not had the pleasure of meeting Sondra, she is a passionate racer and was quick to start up with some friendly ‘smack’ talk in the staging lanes. Lethal was having none of that and ‘invited’ her onto the track to sort it out. Sondra was keen…too keen as it turned out with her night finishing on the line complements of a bright red light at the bottom of the tree. That’s lucky number two.

Final time and we had the formidable Mr. Dean BURTOFT to contend with in his rapid WA Performance Commodore. With top spot the prize for Lethal, and Dean chasing a berth in the top 3, it was all up for grabs. Lethal launched first with a 0.043 reaction, Dean’s Commodore launched out hard in pursuit, unfortunately a little too premature thanks to a 0.016 red light, and that made it a hat trick of reds that saw the House of Power prepared Tango 2 take the win and top spot on the scoreboard.

That wrapped up another great night for us at the track. If you missed all the action, be sure to get you backside trackside for the WA Drag Racing Grand Final and the last two Fast Racing Series events.


Mike P – El Presidente.




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