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Perth Motorplex Super Street Championship decided!!!!

Hi all

A sunny and glorious Saturday saw the running of the Maximum Thrust drag racing grand finale at the Perth Motorplex on April 2, 2016.

“Lethal” Lee, sitting in 2nd spot in the points tally, needed to out score points leader crafty Craig Caton by 20 points to snatch the lead whilst holding off a pair of fast finishers who were hot on his heels!!!

A second round lost for “Lethal” and Mr Caton moving through to the next round saw Lee’s chances of taking the lead disappear. Newcomer Georgia “Ginger Ninja” McSweeney ended Craig’s season in round three before being eliminated by Richard Stevens who went on to take out the evening for the second event in a row.

With the season done and dusted, Craig Caton grabbed top spot, “Lethal” second followed by the fast finishing Georgia McSweeney in third. Fouth and fifth place were tied by Richard Stevens and Paul Garbelini on 707.5 points with Richard getting the nod on a more wins ratio.

“Lethal”, from all of your team mates, another great year mate, well done

Guys, from all of us at Beat the Heat (WA) Inc, congratulations on a great season. We hope to see you back in Super Street next year.

We look forward to the 2016/2017 season immensely.

Mike P
El Presidente’ BTHWA

Top Fuel Top Fuel Top Fuel !!!!

The March 2 Whoop-Ass Wednesday will see the inaugural running of the Shannons Insurance Beat the Heat WA Top Fuel Challenge.
Whats involved you say ????


Photo courtesy and Perth Motorplex

4 Times National Top Fuel Champion Darren Morgan from Darren Morgan Racing will go head to head with his crew chief Ben Patterson in the Beat the Heat WA’s Tango 1 and Tango 2.

Each will get a pass in each car, with both ET’s averaged out to decide the winner. In the unlikely event that the ET’s are the same, the driver with the best reaction time will take home the silverware.Why not come on down and watch the challenge…..

The big question is…… do I get Darren to let me take his race car for a peddle ?????????
251 people reached

Tango 4 unleashed

Team member John Solich from Mad Bat Films recently joined us during while we were preparing the cars for the 2016 WesternNationals at the Perth Motorplex to capture some footage for the debut of Tango 4.



Tango 4 – Time to roar!!!!!

Howdy folks

Well guys, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Australia Day celebrations have come and gone and we are back into the normal day to day grind. This period annually is a particularly busy time for our sworn officers who find themselves on duty and unavailable to play down at the track.


Are we keen to get back down to the track…..Hell Yeah!!!!! I can safely say that we are all chaffing at the bit to get down to the Perth Motorplex and get the cars on track.

We are less than two weeks away from the running of the 45th annual Home Grown WA Westernationals. I am happy to advise that Tango 4 has been completed, tested and will make its official debut at the Westernationals.


I’m happy to say that I have the task of piloting T4 in its maiden competition event. This will also see BTHWA campaign all cars at this event, a first in our history that we have had all vehicles available to compete.


Wags will be in the old horse, Tango 1, Lethal will be at home in Tango 2 and is keen to defend his 44th Westernationals Super Street title win, Mikey C will have the “paddy-Wagon” Tango 3 on track and I’m hoping to upset everyone’s day and take Tango 4 to top of the podium by the end of the event.

To checkout Tango 4, come on down and say hi. Bring your kids down and a camera and get a photo of them in one of the cars.

image006 image019 image017 image015

Stay safe, Stay legal, Stay on track.

Mike P – el presidente

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